Art Saves Humanity, an on line art exhibition based in NYC (Seeme), curated by Jerry Saltz, Marine Tanguy, Ariel Adkins, Poppy Simpson, and Brendan Ciecko

PeaceableKingdom Whanganui The work is acollaborative project by Whanganui artists Brit Bunkley and Andrea Gardner

My video, Godzone will be a apart of "GREEN AROUND Dec 7 - Dec 29 · UTC+08 - " a joint project by "the International Video Art Festival Now&After"(Moscow) and "South Sour Water Performance and Visual Art Festival" (Taiwan)

My video "Geolith" will be part of The Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival, 2019...13-18th November, Kassel, Germany.

The New Museum of Networked Artr & artvideoKOELN and the Cuture Monks 7-10 November

SEPTEMBER 20–29, 2019
SAT., SEPT. 21: Reality Shift. Film: Ross Meckfessel, Brit Bunkley, Murat Sayginer,...

The exhibition Blood River, Moon Roll and other Favourites, at ​StützpunktTeufelsberg, Berlin, August 2019

Rencontres Internationales in Berlin
starts on Tuesday August 20 at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt

Geolith at the THE 28TH ANNUAL WALLACE ART AWARDS 2019 , travelling exhibition..

The New Museum of Networked Artr & artvideoKOELN are happy to support the initiative - Towards a Plastic Free Kolkata by launching WOW.26 / India to take place on 7 September 2019.

FILE SAO PAULO 2019 – 20 Years of FILE 20 Years of Art and Technology

Stories of Rust, Tauranga ArtGallery, Tauranga, NZ Dec 2018-Feb 2019 

Linea Se Costa, Jueves 27 de Junio a las 20:30 en Sala del Mercado de la Mercad, Rota Spain

Rencontres Internationales 2019 Paris

International Video Art Festival «Now&After»June 20 · June 20 a program of International Video Art Festival ‘Futuris’ at the opening of Ecoscope exhibition at National Center for Contemporary Art’s Baltic Branch in Kaliningrad, Russia

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