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"The Killing Chain" (trailer), New Zealand’s freezing works (the “killing chains”) were once the nation’s primary industry in a monoculture that processed meat, dairy and animal by-products. This video includes both video and digital animation of ruins of three industrial freezing works/cold storage complexes in combination with a diorama and two Deep Nostalgia facial animations of AI created abattoir workers.

Bush Dance - a close up of a muscular tree, reading Micho Kaku and Clifford Pickover essays on Hyperspace and dancing salsa to ambient music in a Tyvek suit.  

"Ghost Zone" is an homage to Tarkovsky's “Stalker” (1979) that takes us on a journey to the original expedition into the ineffable aqueous “Zone”. It combines various locations in both New Zealand and Estonia - including the original Estonian filming sites along the formerly toxic Jägala  River within the fictional  "Zone". Bunkley stitches together his own actual and 3D scanned virtual footage in such a way that the landscape and buildings resemble a magic realist post-apocalyptic wasteland. 

The edge of the RWE open pit mine engulfed what was once a town of 900 inhabitants in 2019. Down the road, the expanding Hambach lignite mine was encroaching upon the remaining ancient Hambach forest that once covered the mine. Thousands of demonstrators, dressed  in white Tyvek suits, have protested in recent years to save the remaining 200 hectares of the Hambach Forest.  (The Tyvek suit sequences were videoed pre-Covid)

Blood River - trailer

The Rio Tinto river in Huelva Province runs red like blood due to iron oxides from an ancient 5000-year-old mine upstream. Uphill, the anarcho-socialist village of El Membrillos Bajo was razed to the ground by Franco's Nationalist forces in 1937. 

This video presents various geothermal-like events from vape clouds to instances of geothermal hot spots rendered as geothermal activity. Some are real sites, others are fictional.

Ghost Shelter (Six Sites)

These sites encompass a variety of significant post-industrial structures all at the edge of metropolitan regions in various states of ruin. 

"Godzone” is a colloquial term for New Zealand – shorthand for “God's Own Country”. In this video, industrial architecture (quaint, but ominous in their decay) vie with striking NZ landscape rendered in virtual 3D.

Pillar of Cloud (Oil Petals)

Oil, ghost towns and dust devils are aligned as tropes of climate change. Tornado-like dust devils, as canaries in the coal mine, are increasingly common in hot, barren deserts and in drought-stricken areas of the world.

Kafka’s Sisters

The Kafkaesque.... An attempt to find common ground between Franz Kafka's waking nightmares, state terrorism and neoclassicism. 

Paradox of Plenty

"The work’s futuristic “ships” have a double nature that goes beyond their mirrored symmetry. They are practical and functional, like the industrial constructions they are, but also dream-like. They are aspirational, but also threatening, with a military or bomb-like aspect. However much they are altered by their mirroring, though, these remain recognisable as structures that exist now, in today’s world; structures that are vaguely dystopian: mundane, transitory, bad for the environment, or just outmoded."


The irrational fear of spiders is an apt trope for unfounded fear -in the colloquial sense, “paranoia”, which conditions racism, diffidence and the Hobbesian trap of violence.

Downbreak on 1, Upbeat on 

Salsa is a syncretic dance form with origins from the Cuban Son and Afro-Cuban dance. Silhouetted dancers swing to the lively, sensual dance of Salsa in this video whose soundtrack is replaced by the gentle, cerebral Satie-esque piano of Deaf Center. 


“Fleeced” is a series of interrelated video vignettes that obliquely refer to psychological, environmental, and social-political dislocations set within rural settings of the Southern North Island of New Zealand. 

Up River Blues

"Up River Blues" is a dreamlike series of vignettes featuring the region surrounding the Whanganui River valley. The Whanganui River is New Zealand’s longest navigable river with rich historical significance. 

Blood Angle

2012 Blood as a secular trope.

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