The Sarjeant Gallery curator Greg Donson: "The structures that feature are often contentious icons of culture and human history and on his overseas travels in the last few years Bunkley has recorded imagery from these sites. His photographic composites of large structures has been made a lot easier with the use of drone captured imagery in that they will accommodate points of view not accessible form the ground. From this data he uses photogrammetry scanning to create his eerie works as “islands of memory” - akin to the islands that feature in the science fiction film Solaris (1972) by Andrei Tarkovsky. By extracting these images, the buildings, and sections of buildings (bullet ridden walls) are divorced from their surrounds and both the videos and the 3D sculptures resemble chunks of architecture and landscape made from an indefinable material floating in black cyberspace. Sites in the exhibition include strip mines, weathered shrapnel pocked walls, edifices of failed totalitarianisms, an abandoned chemical factory and the iconic Disneyland Castle as a ruin as can be seen on the front of this quarterly. Ultimately they refer to eschatology - the “end of time”."

The exhibition/installation "Ghost Shelter" at the Sarjeant Gallery and the Tauranga Art gallery 2018-2019

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