Kafka's Sisters


The Kafkaesque.... An attempt to find common ground between Franz Kafka's waking nightmares, state terrorism and neoclassicism. This video begins with mist moving rapidly over Eastern European hills, segueing towards Berlin and Prague's neoclassical/gothic spires, reinvented as benignly sinister space ships. It then proceeds to three flyover animated 3D scans of three ruins - all important edifices from the Third Reich: 1. The abandoned US NSA towers on top of Teufelsberg, an artificial hill of the WW2 rubble of Berlin heaped on top of Nazi technical college 2. An Albert Speer structure built to study the feasibility of constructing a massive triumphal arch on the site. 3. The Auschwitz II-Birkenau gate. Had he had survived and remained in Prague until the 1940’s, he would have likely been murdered by the Nazis, as were his 3 sisters. They were sent with their families to the Łódź ghetto. Two died in the ghetto, and the third later died at Auschwitz.