Ghost Shelter/6: encompasses a variety of significant post-industrial structures in various states of ruin. They are created from 3D scans and drone footage, rendered and animated in 3D as discrete virtual entities, like the islands of memory on Solaris.

1. Chemiewerk Rüdersdorf, an abandoned chemical factory in the former German Democratic Republic
2. The Teufelsberg, a NSA listening station in Berlin built on top of a man-made hill constructed from the rubble of WW2 Berlin. 
3. Immerath, a ghost town in western Germany removed in 2017 by the energy giant RWE for the expansion of their open cast coal mine, Garzweiler. 
4. The Martha Project, a NZ open cast gold mine whose mining operations ground to a halt due a major landslide collapsing the north wall of the mine. 
5. Domes of Case Grande, an incomplete and abandoned futuristic computer facility in Arizona.
6. The Sleeping Beauty Castle, the centrepiece of the California Disneyland Park, modelled on the late 19th century Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany.