My current art practice includes the proposal and construction of large scale sculpture, installations, as well as the creation of “impossible” moving and still images and architecture designed using computer 3D modelling, video editing and image editing programs. The content often focuses on an oblique sense of paranoid apocalyptic fear tempered with a sense of whimsy and irony. My public art tends to play down paranoia in favour of irony and humour within the context of local geography history and culture. 

The computer has been a natural vehicle in expressing these concerns. It is my intention that the computer output function by capturing imagined photorealistic images and objects that are both convincing and unsettling. 

In the last 10 years, I have created sculptures directly from virtual 3D files using new “rapid prototyping” techniques that create actual physical objects from digital files sent by e-mail to service bureaus that utilise various 3D printer processes. I have also been combining object based sculpture with 3d digital video in various installation configurations. In an update of Kosuth’s play on the ontological properties of an object (manifest in his artwork ‘One and Three Chairs”); a video with the same 3d file moves in real time (while in a different context) adjacent to the stationary 2D print and sculpture of an identical virtual object. 

In addition, I have continued designing and building large scale public art embedded with social and political content (while also utilizing computers as a design, fabrication and engineering tool).